No QR-Scanner and App-lounge problems

Version: 1.12.3-s Stable FP4

Not sure where to post this but here we go:
I have two problems. First I cant find the QR-Scanner in the extended drop-down menu. I am sure there was one at a earlier point of time… Any idea why it is gone?

The second problem is in app-lounge. I cant update certain apps anymore because it says its in the installing process and I cant remove it from there nor will it continue the installing process. Its just stuck there since one or two weeks. Cleaning the cache hasen’t helped so far…

Help is greatly appreceated :slight_smile:

When this happens in App Lounge, you have to clear Storage and cache.

/e/ does not have a “native” QR scanner. Maybe you installed an app, or tested SecureCamera, where it comes by default ?


That is true. It would be cool if there was an app that offers a buch of typical apps during the inital setup. I mean something like ''these are the two QR apps recommended by 75% of the e community … and these are the office apps recommended by the community … ‘’

As far as I could tell it was a native feature from android (had it after upgrading to android 12).

Thanks for the help with app lounge. Has worked flawless :slight_smile:

If you’re using Firefox you could use its built-in QR-Scanner.

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