No remote desktop on F-Droid?

I wanted to install an open source remote desktop app from F-Droid, to help someone to install Aurora who has trouble with F-droid on her smartphone, an error message, and i can’t see her because of the epidemic.

I’ve searched but it seems there isn’t one recent on F-Droid or /e/ Apps…

that would be usefull.

I’ve seen there is Microsoft remote desktop on google play store (maybe usefull but not open source)
but I need it to install aurora…
do have you any advice ?

PS: new to android ecosystem

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On F-Droid I only found VNC Viewer ( I never used it tough.

The solution I would use is NoMachine but it’s not open source :frowning:

this is for controlling a PC, i saw it on F-Droid.
i used VNC a long time ago. you have to put a VNC server on the computer.
i would like to control an Android Phone from my computer, phone…

androidVNc is old too btw (2011, and for Android 1.5 and more)

Therefor, I only know proprietary software.

If this is not an issue for you, try NoMachine. There’s no routing server in between the two connections like Team Viewer.

And you can find it in /e/ Apps store.

Hmm. Teach her how to Screenshot and text you error message screenshots. Also do phone call on speaker during installs for synchronous voice comms. Does jitsi meet have phone desktop share?

MultiVNC in f-droid looks good too.

seems there are no Android phone control from PC except on local network.

MultiVNC is for controling a pc from a phone.

I wanted to control a phone from my PC over the web. I doubt there is a program for this.

I tried NoMachine for fun whereas this is not what i am looking for but it’s quite good. i could have use VNC too, but NoMachine is easy to install.
I just have a trouble, no more sound on my PC (but i had my PC sound on my phone).
Anyway i have to make a proper windows and reinstall it from a long time now, this is the occasion.
I would recommand to people to not activate the sound with NoMachine if they don’t need it (at least on windows 10).

Hello @loki - most VNC apps for Android are viewers so designed to connect to a VNC server on a remote desktop. What you want is a service that works on the other direction. If your friend has a computer, why not get her to use it to copy the Aurora APK from her computer directly to her phone and then install it. My regular usage to get updated versions of apps onto my phone is to use an SFTP connection to copy across any file I want. The /e/ App store has Ghost Commander with its sftp plugin that she can easily install. She might need a little help to make the first connection to her computer but if you used VNC or NoMachine between your own desktop and hers then you could do it for her, and even send the Aurora Apk yourself and then get her to use Ghost Commander to copy it onto her phone.

You can also use scrcpy ( over TCP/IP.
It’s working out pretty good over a decent WiFi network, you can also use it OTA but only through a secure VPN tunnel (i.e.

I remember there’s an app in f-droid called “AfreeRDP”, it’s about remote desktop, but requires som configuration through.

And here’s a TERRIBLE idea, you can put a mirror before your phone, then use Jitsi, your friend will see how you operate on your phone :joy: really awkward, but works.

Also try screen recording! Our /e/OS ships the LineageOS recorder which supports screen recording!

Awkward but hilarious :smile: and it really works!

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