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The story so far:

I bought a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 from Unfortunately, the phone had problems with the touch screen, so I contacted After an email exchange with their communication officer, I received a UPS label and sent back the phone, which according to the UPS tracking link arrived a few days later. So far, so good.

Since then I have not heard back from them. Has anyone had similar experience with bad support? How can I get information on the status of my ticket or my phone?

Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. I guess you have already received the communication from the e_Phone support team on this issue as the issue was shared on the telegram support channel as well. Let me know in case there is still no response.

Hello Manoj,
thank you for the repy. Yes I got a response from @eAnonyme on telegram. They promised to send me an update on my ticket later today. Once I receive an update on my ticket I will close this thread.

I still have not received an update on my ticket, so this thread remains relevant.

I received an email with another promise for an update regarding my ticket.

Hello Manoj,
I have still not received any actual information regarding the state of my ticket. Three weeks ago, promised me an update “shortly”, but I have not heard from them since. Could you please check what is going on?

Hi , pl can you send me the mail url…I have asked the team to check and respond but it would be helpful to have the link to the issue.

Hi, what do you mean by mail URL? My email address and those I communicated with?
Maybe the ticket number can also help you: Ticket#99480.

Thanks for sharing the ticket ID. The team is awaiting a response from the vendor. Have asked them to update the status

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Thank you very much for the update. Do you have an idea how long this will take?
The problem is that my old phone constantly crashes and I bought the /e/ phone as a replacement. Currently I can not even call anyone, so I need to get a working phone soon. I would also settle for a replacement phone.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Being cut of without a phone in today world can be a real problem …the team is checking on this and will be updating you ASAP.

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Thank you. I am looking forward to any news.

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