No S stable Download for Fairphone FP3

When I started upgrading my FP3 (Settings → System Upgrades) the file downloaded was “” which is not available for direct download from The latest available downloads are for Android R and Q.

The online documentation for installing /e/os on Fairphone 3 (Install /e/OS on a Fairphone FP3/3+ - “FP3”) also announce Android S for download - which is not available.
So what’s wrong with stable version 1.9?
Where can I find the latest download for S stable? I need the file boot.img from the latest version.

Just combine the file name with the URL to the download folder and you’ll have it


Thank you; this works fine.
Nevertheless: It is strange not to find the latest stable version in the list on

Now it does… check again

EDIT : Oops, now i see it 's 1.8.1s

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Yes, that’s strange. It is from February