No screen rotation on Samsung S7

Hi everyone,

Recently, I have noticed that my screen no longer rotates. I don’t know when it started, but it’s pretty annoying. I’ve checked the CPU info app, which also provides sensors responses, and I discovered that nothing was shown… Sensors are not responding :dizzy_face: I was under 2.0-r and this issue pushed me to update to 2.1-r, but it didn’t change anything… Seems similar to this issue.
I let you know in case of evolution.
Many thanks !

Edit: I’ve said crap, I’m under 2.1-r

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Same here on a Fairphone 4

q really?
I am on 2.1-r-20240603406611-stable-herolte
no issues, rotation just works

Edit: for readout of sensors you may try phybox

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I’ve said crap, sorry, I’m under 2.1-r. I used to be under q as my S7 was under Android 10 before the “jump”.
By the way, I’ve installed phybox, no data when launching the experience. My phone seems to be without any sensors… All the sensors from the first category in the app (except GPS) are impacted.

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In case the light sensor is affected, automatic brightness of display does not work either, right?

Yes, I thought of that, and it’s true that it doesn’t change anymore ! Is it possible to do anything about it ??

Edit: I was thinking about something : discharging my phone, maybe it will change something…?

A Soft reset can be useful on Samsung. Power + Volume down.

If that fails try running the app CacheCleaner.


Let’s try this then !!

So I actually turned on my phone by volume down + power off, and it solved the problem !! Phybox now recognizes the sensors !! Thank you so much !!

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