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Hello, I am not sure if this is the best thread to raise this topic but I would like to ask how to use SIP or VoiP phone number or use any other no SIM phone number option as they seem to be offered mainly to companies, not to private users in my country.

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This thread may be of interest VOIP App on e/OS

A search reveals some successes

You have framed your title in the negative; is that what you require, a system where you can remove the SIM card ?

In my experience some carriers care to support WiFi calling (example Just a thought … is SIM the subject of your thread or SIP / VoIP ?


I tried to be neutral. Thanks for the links. I just really would like to resign from using the SIM card :wink:


You still need a SIM to access the phone network, even a data-only SIM. But you could just treat the actual number as an “internal” variable that no-one ever sees and which you never give out (or even know, for that matter) - ie they only see the VOIP numbers, not the actual SIM number.

There are places that offer data-only anonymised SIMs, but these can be pricey. One of these years I intend to do as you are trying to do - VOIP numbers running on top of a SIM whose number never gets given out. But this is difficult to do in Australia.

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All of my devices, save for one, no longer have a carrier SIM. Four of them have data-only SIMs but are mostly on Wi-Fi at home.
My daily driver’s years old T-Mobile number was recently ported out to (calls & texting using XMPP). Got tired of the whole VoLTE thing which started messing up earlier this year. It was awhile before I realized I wasn’t receiving or able to make calls.

One of the /e/ devices is using a number I ported out over a year ago. Shared with another device. One number on multiple devices. Good thing about VoIP.

The cool thing on the devices using JMP along with the XMPP client Cheogram is I get dialer inteqration. Can make and receive calls using the Android dialer. Messaging I do via the client. All good so far with regards to receiving activation or 2FA codes.

As far as SIP goes I have only had free Linphone accounts. Works even in the Android dialer but not useful since the accounts only worked with SIP addresses. JMP also includes SIP (WIP). With that I was able to call numbers from my contacts on a device without XMPP client.

As far as data-only SIMs, I have three from Vegolink and one from By their nature they do not have numbers. No calls or texts, just data.
Endpoints are in Europe for both.

Currently I have only one T-Mobile line left. When I saw the recent bill it was a whopping $120US! Back when I was paying for five phone lines (no internet for years thus no Wi-Fi) I was fine with the costs. Once I got internet and started to remove phone lines I guess the savings for having multiple lines went away. Since the remaining TMO device’s number is unknown to everyone except scammers I will be getting rid of it. Earlier this year that device also started losing VoLTE and would even drop down to EDGE and stay there until I lose signal altogether. Unacceptable.

Will be down to a single Mint Mobile SIM, currently in one of the PinePhones (which haven’t really been useful) but will probably keep for testing purposes.

Mr. @Taurus is the knowledgeable one in this area. He might have some tips, tricks, or whatnot.

Article that gave me some ideas early on…
Moving my phone numbers from Google Hangouts/Voice to an SIP/XMPP Service

JMP: Your phone number on every device

From Above Phone but still a good tutorial.
Set up your Internet Phone Number ( with Cheogram

Note: JMP’s service offers only U.S. and Canadian numbers if I’m not mistaken.


I have also check Cheogram app as I’ve read it is a great app. Unfortunately for me it could work only via e-mail address. Even in your article is info “Please note that all JMP numbers are either US or Canadian numbers.” :wink:

Moreover I did a bit more research on the local offers and market (I live in Europe) :wink: and VoiP and SIP numbers are offered only to companies. As a regular user I could switch only to e-SIM but this solution seems to be more invasive than a plastic SIM card, as plastic in not an app and cannot invade to full system content.

What is more, most probably my private phone number was used at my workplace for work purposes. If third party received it (I am still confirming that), than this number is lost. I believe that even if I will ask that company to forget it, it could be gone already to other companies or something like that, what seems to be a common practice nowadays.

This is why I thought about obtaining at least two phone numbers, one especially for work (and unexpected situations) maybe plus orders on-line, and second truly private.

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True, at least mobile data plan is required :sweat_smile:
But how to convience people that I do not use or have any phone number at all. Eventually it is not obligatory to have a phone number, but at the same time everyone is expecting that you have one :thinking:

I do not recall needing an e-mail address. It does, however, require a Jabber ID (XMPP address) since it works over that network.

I vaguely remember some folks having used the service. Have you checked them out?
The Most Feature-Rich VoIP Provider for Businesses | Service Provider

Despite the header the link is to their residential offerings. I never got around to looking deeply at the service.


Interesting that they offer Indian phone numbers (Pricing > Phone Numbers)… for $29 per month plus $22.50 to issue the DID (!). My last knowledge on the subject was that VoIP gateways in India were still illegal after many years… I wonder how they got around that (if at all)?

Thank you for all the information :heart:

Hi all. The topic is interesting.

Let me express my opinion on this matter. If we are talking in this topic about the fact that the phone should not have a SIM card, then this is only a small part of a good idea))

In my opinion it might look like this:

  1. Phone without a modem (there is no physical modem) You can remove it yourself or buy a demo phone.

  2. Install the ROM and remove everything in it except for the settings application, everything else is not needed. I don’t know why it doesn’t go this way, just make a ROM WITHOUT EVERYTHING and users will thank you very much and add those applications ( that they want without garbage microG and recorder ( need location ))), which they need etc

  3. Buy a virtual number here for no paypal or visa only XMR

  4. Chat with friends via XMPP and this purchased number.

JMP is a good project, but the numbers are American and Canadian, and the site says that in the event of a certain situation, the developers will cooperate, etc. America and Canada are countries that are part of five countries, etc.

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