No Sound from Media

Hello together,

i just installed /e/ on my Sony Xperia XA2 (5,2")

Many things work really good. If someone call me, the phone rings. If i press a key on the keyboard, i makes a little sound.
But if i wanna use Newpipe, or wanna use the preinstalled Musik-App or a video on Firefox, i hear nothing. Not on the earphones, not on the Mobile.

The three Sound controller (if i press the button on the side, i can configura three Sound-Controller) are in the middle. So i tryed to make it louder.

Can someone help me?

Thanks Markus

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Hi Markus, welcome to eOS forum.
There have been recent discussions here about the sound problem.
Usually it’s because eOS Q has been installed over android 8 firmware.
Install over android 9 and no problem.

Hi chrisrg,
thanks for the link.
I will go to the other post, to discuss.
Greets Markusk