No sound from the speaker close to the camera

During a call in voip, there is no sound coming from the speaker close to the camera. The only way I can hear the conversation is through the headphone when it is plugged to the headphone jack.

I tried with Linphone and Jami and they both have this problem.

This is a recent phenomenon. I updated e/os to version 1.4, yesterday. This is the first time I tried to listen to a voip call from the top speaker since the update. I did not have this problem before.

The call volume is at maximum.

What should I do to fix this problem?

I saw you had voip+sound issues previously and crossposted at the teracube forums too

you’d want to confirm your issue with somebody on stockrom too, so asking for someone to test is a good idea.

I’d read through the files and test with adjusting values in the audio/ path of the device tree. You can find them here

the audio/ stuff is without change since initial import. /e/ moved them up to the rootdir, maybe some dependency got los. A sanity check could be to use any of the “upstream” devicetrees that some ROM uses - see if issue persists and if yes, diff it.

I just updated to 1.5. The sound is back right after the first reboot, but after a while the sound is gone again. The relation between the updates and the sound might just be coincidental. I rebooted again but the sound is still gone.

It can be that my phone has some hardware issues.

For several months, if my phone was up for a while, when I make a call, whatever I say in the microphone comes on the other side with a lot of echoes. The echoes only stopped for a while after I rebooted the phone.