No sound on oneplus5

I finally installed /e/ on my Oneplus5 device. It seems that I have lost all the sounds on it. No ringtones, notifications, video sounds, music, nothing works. Have anyone faced the same problem here?

@Ahappo Did you update the existing /e/ build or flashed on top of your stock ROM as per the instructions here

I flashed on top of stock ROM as per the instructions. Unfortunately this is my only device, so I had to install LineageOS to make it work again.

@Ahappo to understand the issue while on /e/ ROM on your Oneplus 5 you do not hear any sound - ringtone, notification, music nothing. The same issue does not come up when you are on Lineage ROM. This is weird! we have not received a similar complaint so not sure if it is something to do with the ROM. Please could you attach a log the next time you are on /e/ ROM. That will help the dev team debug the issue better.
Looping @rhunault to the issue

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This is a known issue

But the wiki for cheeseburger still links to the 0.1 branch and says nevertheless “No known bugs”. I think there ought to be a link to the informations given on

Otherwise the wiki will mislead more users.

@moose thanks for pointing out this issue . Was your problem with sound on the Oneplus 5t resolved after the firmware update as mentioned in the bug details?

At the time I already had reverted to Lineage and am still there. Now I am waiting for the 0.2 branch to become official. So I cannot answer your question. By the way my device is a Onplus 5 ( without T).

Thanks @moose for the details.
@rhunault this issue is with nougat 0.1 build for oneplus 5 . Similar issue on Oneplus 5t was resolved with the 0.2 build as mentioned in the update here
Oneplus 5t now has an official 0.2 build.

@manoj this is all about Oneplus 5 without T. I think you are right now a little confused :grinning:

@moose actually no. Separately we were discussing on the options of upgrading Oneplus 5 to oreo and if that would resolve the issue.

Well then I am confused. Threadstarter has a problem with cheeseburger and the issues 126 and 127 I referred to are related to cheeseburger. I did and do still do not understand, where dumpling comes in. But this is solely to explain my last posting. No need to deepen this further.