No Sync with /e/ account (except mail)

Hi all,
I’ve been using /e/ with a FP2 (with Android 7), and I’m moving now on a FP3.
On my FP2, the sync with my account on does not work except mails. No contact, non file, etc…
I tried to sync those data with my google account and I get the same issue.

Any help would be welcome… Thanks!

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Hi @SylvainM pl can you check if all the options under the below are checked or enabled

Settings >> Accounts >> Account sync  

Hi Manoj,

Yes everything seems to be well configured.
Here are the steps I made this morning:

  • Adding contacts with vcf file to m account on ecloud -> sync OK on the phone.
  • Adding new contacts on my phone -> no sync on ecloud

I tried to import the contact (VCF file) on ecloud, and it fails (says: contacts are corrupted)… May be it helps?
Another thing: in the contacts app, the contacts coming from different accounts do not merge (even if the same indeed). Is there any way to merge all contacts into /e/ account?