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/e/ on a Pixel, latest build, using the default “Message” app. When I receive a text message, my phone does not make a sound or turn on the light. I get sounds with other events, such as incoming voice calls, update notifications, battery notifications, etc., just not for texts. I have looked at the settings and permissions for the messenger app and notifications generally, and they seem correct. I can choose different sounds to be used for a text notification, and I hear it when I choose it, but it doesn’t sound when a message comes in. Do not disturb is off.
Any ideas?

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On the notification you receive without sound, long press on it, then press on the “i” at the top right of the notification.
Go in Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > Message.

Click on the “Notifications” tab.
Click on the highlighted category (“Default”), then “Behavior” and select “Make sound and pop on screen”.

That is the setting I have, but still no sound is actually made when I receive a text.

That’s weird… I guess there is one little thing we miss…

On /e/ v1.11 this is still present i went ahead and made a report on the gitlab

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