No Tinder in App Lounge

I know I know, Tinder is the worst for privacy, trackers and stuff - but I want to meet people. When I search for Tinder in App Lounge all other invasive apps appear souch as facebook. But no Tinder. I had it installed just a few weeks ago but decided to re-install the app and now it doesn’t appear.

I am on an Fairphone 4, latest e OS (1.12.3-s etc)

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It’s shown to me instantly when I search for the word in App Lounge. It’s marked as PWA, perhaps your App Lounge settings do not allow PWAs?

Aha! I see! I have downloaded it before without checkong the PWA box but I’ll try that. Thank’s!

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Isnt Tinder mislabled then?

Search for : com.tinder
Then you will find it.


Thank you, that solved it!

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