No Touch with any E version beyond e0.7

I can successfully flash e0.7, touch works, phone is fully functional.

If I try to flash any other version, when the phone reboots, touch doesn’t work. I have to hold power for 20 seconds to force it to reboot, then reflash.

I’ve started from a clean phone, reflashing the factory image from Essential (NMK24B).

Any idea what’s happening? Thanks

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Sorry for the really late reply.
The no touch issue has do to with TWRP and is a pain.

When you say “any other version” I assume versions above 0.7? What other versions do you have access to? I’m on 0.11 Pie. Only versions available for download are 0.12 and 0.13 Q. I don’t see you flashing those on top of Nougat firmware but then I’m not sure what you’re doing at the moment.

Anyhind, check some of the preceding threads in this section. You’ll find quite a bit about the touch issue.

It’s not a TWRP issue - TWRP works fine, and I’ve been using the same version for two years now (, on 3 Essentials.

Touch only fails once E is loaded and booting.

0.7 works, anything newer (up through 0.13) causes touch failure.

I can reflash with the factory Nougat rom from Essential, and it works fine again. Flash TWRP and it’s fine (I’ve been running TWRP on Nougat for a couple years now), then install E, and no touch. :confused:

Thanks for the ideas.

Yes, that’s true it works with Nougat but not with Pie and above. The reason is the old TWRP which is well known/documented. You will lose touch even in the ROM. I experienced that early on also.

See this and this for more info. You will have to use a patched TWRP if you want to move up from Nougat. Since TWRP becomes part of the boot image, the old TWRP’s incompatibility with Pie+ will manifest itself when the ROM boots. Even if touch was working during the flashing process.

Besides, when going to 0.12 & 0.13, are you doing so from Nougat firmware? In general it’s best to update to compatible firmware first.
I’ve had many a failure trying to get Pie fully working when trying to directly update from Nougat.


DOH! Totally forgot the TWRP version that works with Nougat doesn’t work with later versions of Android! Thanks for the reminder, feel kind of foolish now. Thanks also for the links.

Been doing this for years, and still got caught by a subtle, but well-known detail (that should be in my notes).

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