No turn off, asking for PIN code, refuse the good one

Hi, just a post to share a problem/bug i’ve encountered. For a reason i don’t know, last night when i pick up my phone from my pocket, i realized it was asking me my PIN code. It was ON for several days already, i used a phone call maybe an hour ago and i didn’t turn it off or something, it was just in my pocket.
So i enter my PIN code and … fail. Ok, maybe i miss-type. Enter it again, fail again… I’m sure about it this time, i tried the 3rd (and last before lock) time, slowly, to be sure of every digit enter and fail again. It refused my legit PIN code …
So, i used the PUK code obviusly to unlock it, change the PIN code by the old one and the phone back to work.
Already append to someone else ?

Here my phone informations :

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 - SM-G960F
  • /e/ version : 0.7-o-2020022843131-dev-starlte
  • Android 8.1.0
  • Kernel 4.9.133+