No update to 0.18 for leeco le2?


My Leeco le2 with Android 7.1.2 is stuck on /e/OS 0.17 since june, not receiving any updates… is this normal?


everything is normal.
everything depends on an active maintainer.
no active maintainer, no further updates.
my onyx looks even worse

The Leeco le s2 v0.19 is under testing and should be released for all users early next week.

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But if 0.19 will be released, this means 0.18 has already been released actually?
That’s what I had understood, but nonetheless it never came to my phone… That’s why I’m writing

The v0.18 was released for the s2 OTA . Are you on the dev build …you can see the build type in the

Settings >> About Phone >>Android Version >> /e/ version

It says build number is e_le_s2_userdebug 7.1.2 NJH47F 20210601 dev-keys,dev-release, so yes, probably I’m on dev build? What does this mean?

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