No visual voicemail on S9

Hi all,

I just received my Samsung S9 with /e/OS preinstalled. It works perfectly well.
My only problem is that I can’t use the visual voicemail with the stock dialer app (version 11). I can’t find info about this anywhere… is it something “normal”, some kind of well known missing feature?

I used to have this feature on my Fairphone 2 with /e/OS installed (the Q version) and the same SIM card.

Any ideas?

Hello !

I have the same issue with a Fairphone 3+. I did install /e/OS myself though.

Hi there,

The last upgrade to android 10 solved this issue on my S9. I guest it will also be the case on your Fairphone 3+?
According to this page it should be the case o_O

May be a setting in the dialer app? I imagine that you already check the visual voice mail in the dialer app settings?


I did install /e/OS on Android 10, so the issue can still exist there…

Yes I checked the setting, only to find no existing setting about visual voice mail (both in the dialer app and the phone setting). :slight_smile:

I am currently investigating my phone operator options, maybe it is related to them (although it was activated on my iPhone.

Yep… strange. I used to have /e/OS on my old fairphone 2, and the visual voice mail was up and running.
But I just have to activate it the dialer settings, if no option is available here, you are right to check your operator options.

I can have a look on my fairphone if it helps in any way…

Update on this : it came from the operator, as they were supposed to resolve it (but did not) and the visual voicemail started working when I changed my operator !

I’m having the same problem on my Fairphone 4 (with T-Mobile). If any known fixes aside from change-of-operator exist, I’d be interested to learn about them.

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