No way to install banking app on GSI

I think I have some experience with installing banking apps in eOS (see my HowTo).
I have installed my DKB Tan2Go app on 3 different devices with eOS nougat and pie. It even runs without the Magisk Hack, as long as the device is not rooted.

But I can’t get the app to run in eOS GSI pie. Unfortunately SU is installed by default. I have removed several files from /system/bin, tried to remove the rest with the SuperSu remover, but without success. The app still refuses to run.

I don’t know why root is installed by default. I am absolutely against rooting, because most people don’t need it.

The ‘magisK hack’ is also not working, because of the existing SU.

The question now is, how do I get a ‘clean’ system where banking apps work as well?

DKB recently changed their security level on Tan2Go. I had issues on one phone with stock android and an open bootloader. App was running smoothly until about a week ago then I was no longer able to start it. What was working for me was installing it using Island (Shelter was not working). Maybe that might work even with a rooted system…

thx, I’m using the older version, which is/was working on my old device with normal eOS pie.

The second issue on GSI is, that you can’t install shelter or Island :frowning:

Today I have build a GSI for my device WITHOUT root and … bingo DKB Tan2Go is working.