Nokia 3.4 met e?


I have a question about a Nokia 3.4 I have looked at the available phones but the Nokia 3.4 is not yet available with easy installer.

So I got to work myself, I have disabled all google aps to almost the core. I have disabled everything per google app and also revoked all rights and deleted the storage of the google apps.

Then I did the following. f droid and aurora store installed i have installed most apps from simplemobiletools like calling,sms,notes,calender and more of them
from Aurora store just log in get the apps install and log out again.

it strikes me that the nokia 3.4 can last almost 3 days with battery.

I only have 1 question can I use this nokia 3.4 as a daily phone?

I have disabled all google services.

Does anyone have any tips? and when could the Nokia 3.4 E/OS get? or is there any other option to get E/OS on the nokia?

thanks in advance

Greetings jdv

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I only have 1 question can I use this nokia 3.4 as a daily phone?

wouldn’t you be in the best position to determine? I think “stripping down a stock” and supplement with aurora+f-droid as you did is a very good approach, congrats!

The 3.4 doesn’t seem to have much community sources to create a build - it’s SoC hardware though has widespread support. There is the kernel on nokia / HMDs oss site, but I don’t know if there was change in HMD stance on unlocking. Maybe other Nokia owners can say so - (2018)

Thank you For your comment

I’m going to use the Nokia more like my daily phone.
I also have an IPhone 8 but I have a hard time getting used to it.
In addition, you are limited from setting up the IPhone.

Greetings jdv