Nokia 5.3 running android one request

I want to be de googled but I don’t find any Nokia phones in here, can you please add support or tell us a way around for Nokia 5.3 running android one software.
please help to get free from google

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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+1 from me.
I like my Nokia 5.3. It is inexpensive and very capable. It would be even better running /e/

Maybe your device is supported with Project Treble…

Project Treble… I had never heard of it, but since you sent me down that rabbit hole I have read up on the subject and found the /e/ unofficial GSI builds. Thanks for the tip.

Nokia 5.3 is not in the list of Treble supported devices, but it came with Android 10 installed so should be compatible, and the TrebleCheck app says it is compatible so I shall have a try at installing the GSI image.

First I had better organise a spare phone to use in case I brick this one.

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Why is it so tough?
Shouldn’t there be just a click and voila we are done. If not we might need step by step guide. At least i don’t think i will be able to do
This on my own

I did not get very far installing /e/ on Nokia 5.3.

The bootloader cannot be unlocked without a security code, and Nokia will not issue one for the 5.3
They give out security codes for Nokia 8, and there is a developer at XDA called Techmesto who can unlock a whole lot of other Nokia phones for a small fee, but not the 5.3 at the moment.


I opened treble website or forum. Nokia 5.3 is still not in the list. Anyone please help.