Nokia 8 (TA-1004)

Hi, /e/ community:

If you are lucky enough to have a Unlock key (as of currently HMD servers are closed), you could flash T-Virus into your device. Then, flash a GSI image from TWRP.

The ROM used in my device is an unofficial GSI build, also found in XDA, it works in A/B.

If it seems too technical to you, you might not flash it. Also, at the moment you can’t get an Unlock key, so if unlock keys works for another device, then might be a chance of your phone getting flashed (keep in mind I shan’t share my unlock.key).

I hope it shoud be useful for any technical user with this device :slight_smile:.


  • Sometimes camera and torch doesn’t work, you should open the camera a couple times or reactivate camera-tweaks in phh-settings (misc > Expose Aux cameras (Qualcomm) and Force Enable Camera2API HAL3).

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Hi @Suzamax,

Since the unlock servers from HMD are working again there might be more interest in this again. Are you still using this? Can you give a list of what doesn’t work?

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face: