Nor yet a user - what apps?

Hi all.

Discovering this and I like everything about it. However, I am quite wedded to some apps like Signal, keepass2Android, Synology apps (DS audio, moments), my tutanota mail app, some other F-droid apps, twitter. Will I be able to install them on, for example, a Samsuung S9 from the shop?

Will I be able to use the phone also with my professional SIM card (not to carry 2 phones) or isn’t it stable enough? Professionally, all I need is the mail client, contacts app and phone

Thanks in advance for the help. No matter what, this is the right sort of development and I will keep abreast with how it evoles (which hopefully will be very quickly)

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Hi @2137, I use /e/ on my daily driver, the OP6T, and it is more than good enough for me. I would totally recommend the OS to you!
You should definitely be able to install the mentioned apps.

Hi @2137, as donut3, I can confirm that /e/ is a stable OS. I am using it for more than a year on a Pocophone F1, mostly with 2 Sim cards and i am really happy with it. So far, I did not come acreloss any F-Droid app that does not work on /e/. Tutanota works fine, Signal and Twitter as well. The keepass2Android and the two mentioned Synology apps I never used, but I just install them and the just started correctly.
So, why don’t you give /e/ a try?

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My phone is the Fairphone 2 with /e/ and has Signal, keepass2Android, Synology apps (DS audio, moments) installed, two SIM cards. It is working.

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Great. Just to make sure: installing is as simple as a click? Because I am no techie (unfortunately). As soon as i hear/read stuff like command, prompt etc I instinctively switch off :))))

If you buy it directly from the e Foundation, you have nothing to do.

You will be able to install apps from /e/ App “Store”, from F-droid and also from Aurora Store, which will able you to install Google Play’s apps.

About the two-SIM, I would say it will be stable enough! :blush:

Don’t hesitate to ask if you need!!

thank you all for your kind answers. convinced :slight_smile:

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