Not able to import Contacts from/Import error (invalid file format)



Hi /E/ Mail says I am unable to import contacts from my Macbook Pro Contacts app because of an invalid file format, even though I have exported it to my home folder in a vCard format.


are you really talking about the Mail app ? I haven’t found an option to import contacts into mail app ?!?!
Could you pls share a scren shot how are you trying ?


It’s depends on vcard format version. 2.1 vs 3.0. I think you’ll have to convert your vcard To 2.1 if it is not.


pls, can me someone tell how to import contacts into mail app. I have searched on mail app from e and in K9, but I don’t find a way / point where I can import contacts.

my mail app is “looking” into the contacs app and doesn’t have his own contacs (what make sense)

Normally you have to import the contacts via vCard with After sync with e you can find them in mail app. But the import of vcf files in has a know bug.


Thanks for the info. Was able to import to /e/ drive, but is not able to sync to mail app though.


once again, what do you mean with sync to mail app. The mail app doesn’t have his own conacts. It’s working with the standart contacts which you can find under contacts.
If there are no contacts found in contatacts app, you have to setup your access incl. adressbook sync under ‘accounts’. pls check, if you will find an extra row for adress book sync under accounts.