Not able to watch a video on YouTube with e browser

Hi guys !
Do you also have this screen (I mean … Totally nothing !) when you try to watch a video on YouTube using the browser installed on e ?


I didn’t test but you can install this YouTube client :

I have just tried ‘home’ and it’s need done time to start and than it playing very slow :frowning:

I’m also prefer using NewPipe or SkyTube. Both from f-droid

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Interesting since I have no problem here with the stock browser. NewPipe has worked well for me too

I am still not able to watch youtube videos on my browser.
As a temporary solution, newpipe works well but I would prefer to watch videos directly on my browser instead of copying links from one app to an other.
Is there somebody to help me ? :slight_smile:

I have just tried. No issues watching youtube on default browser.

Do you use any tracker blocker like blokata or TrackerControl or Netguard ? They could block goolag domain

No problems here either.
@Marine, could you give us an idea of your environment. Device, any extras like adblockers, VPNs, proxies, etc. There’s gotta be something causing the issue but I doubt it’s the browser or we’d all be experiencing it.

Thanks for your answers.
I have a Samsung galaxy s7, I have blokada but for some reason it was desactivated. I dont use the defaut browser …’.maybe I should. I am using the qwant app.
No VPN ans no proxy (I think because I dont know what proxy is :slight_smile: )

Edit : i just checked and YouTube is working on the default browser. Should I just give up qwant ?

I have just tried qwant browser and yes, youtube isn’t working.

LOL. This is a good example of why all relevant info should be provided upfront. Three months thinking the default /e/ browser was not working for you.
But then I’m confused because the subject line and original post imply you were using the /e/ browser and not able to view videos. ???

Sorry for that mistake ! I got confused when I opened the topic…

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S9+ here : youtube works on /e/ brower but it doesn’t work on Firefox Focus.

Just to suggest an open source Youtube client based on Invidious : :slight_smile:

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