Not happy with some of the default apps (Keyboard, Tasks, Calendar and Contacts)

Hi all, I’m not sure I’m happy with some of the default apps provided by /e/.

And, most important of all:

  • Contacts
    Is the Contacts app provided by /e/ the standard Google Contacts app?
    Why can’t I deactivate it and just keep my contacts on the phone, not in the cloud?

Hi @dotcoma, as you may be aware we are working on making most of the default system app uninstallable. This feature is a bit complicated and requires changes in a large number of modules as some of the apps are inter related.
On the keyboard ASK was the keyboard on /e/ till it was disabled as we are customizing it for the ROM. Open task you can raise a bug for this in gitlab. The issue with Calendar asking for a Google account was resolved if I recollect. Gitlab is having some issue right so not able to check if we had an issue already for it. If is MicroG which is checking for a google account. If you cancel it does it go ahead.
You can keep you contacts on your phone SIM if that is what you are looking for.
Can you share build and device details where you are facing these issues. Some of these issues were resolved.

Hi @manoj,

and thanks.

Yes, in Calendar it’s MicroG which is checking for a Google account, and clicking “cancel” does indeed make it go away. But if I do so, where will the data I enter end up? Only on the phone? In /e/'s cloud as well? In Google’s cloud?

Contacts: how do I add them only in the SIM card? How many can I fit there? And, in any case, is the choice only between SIM card and… Contacts by Google?

Thanks again,



Device: Galaxy S7.

Build: 0.7-2019062814891 (is this the right number?)

Galaxy S7 user here, on 0.7-2019081029798
The phone does extra stuff with your /e/ account, saving everything on a nextcloud instance, especially for it, so it doesn’t of course use Google one (Except if explicitly asked in that fixed mistake on the calendar app, but i doubt the rest of the “Google configuration” process will work, as it’s setup to synchronise with that nextcloud instance instead.
Again, for the contact app, if you’ve signed up with your /e. account, it will be synchronized on that nextcloud instance. Otherwise it will only stay on the phone.
I don’t use OpenTask aswell, so let’s not care about that.
And well, i think the standard keyboard doesn’t have any privacy problems in itself, even if in the future, using any FOSS alternatives like AnySoftKeyboard would be ideal. (I’m still having issues finding pne keyboard which support Korean output tho)

Also, as for Google home calls go, /e/ tend to substain from it a maximum, but outside bugs and issues (Wifi test address for the connection or maybe that calendar issue), it also allows users to still use it if they really wishes for some Apps, or mainly dependencies compatibility with microG.
I’ve had the idea to pull request a setting idea to implement a complete Google backlist to entirely restrain the phone to make any calls to ANY of their services, if the users opt-in from it, based on pne list i maintain, but it’s still as the stage of testing currently with my daily use if thia could actually be practical (Which it currently is.).

Thanks, @PoorPocketsMcNewHold

So, if I login to my /e/ account, whatever I enter in Calendar and Contacts gets saved and synchronized only on /e/ 's instance of Nextcloud; and if I don’t login to my /e/ account, the data stays on my phone only. Is this correct, @Manoj ?

And 2 more questions:

  • is the Calendar and Contacts data on my phone encrypted ?

  • would it be possible to sync that data not with /e/ 's instance of Nextcloud, but with my computer (between my /e/phone and my computer), bypassing the cloud altogether and using a service such as ?

  • This is correct.
  • You’ve woken my curiosity on this, I would like to know this aswell.
  • By simply not using your /e/ account, and setup the phone to synchronize with it. The Apps store have the official F-droid sources, so you should fond everything to set up this. I’ve never setup a custom self-hosted server for this usage, so i surely couldn’t help you that much on that.

So (last point), you’re saying I’d have to self-host an instance of Syncthing?

If so, wouldn’t it still be “in the cloud”?
(on my servers rather than on /e/ 's servers, but still in the cloud)

I thought Syncthing was supposed to perform some kind of cloud-less magic,
kind of like what these guys do for passwords…

Data on the /e/ server is always encrypted.

There is an option during the setup where you can sync your data with a cloud storage of your choice . The Login with another account option you see in the screenshot below. You can enter your cloud storage url here


I actually doesn’t even know personaly if Syncthing can do something like Myki, as i don’t use any syncing system at all habitually.

For people who doesn’t know about myki, It is a password manager, which stock your data only on your phone (Or computer with the dedicated desktop app in development). When a password is request from any platform, you will have to confirm it directly into your phone for it to transfer the requested password. (I think its more of, sending that particular description key instead of the actial password).

Oh, on the /e/ server, for sure. But what about the copy on my phone?

ok, so if I prefer to sync with Condoleezza’s service (dropbox), I can do that :wink:

But am I day-dreaming when I say I’d like the synching to be between my phone and my computer without any ‘cloud’ in-between ?

It will be encrypted if you have encrypted your phone through Settings >> Encryption & credentials >> Encrypt Phone.


To encrypt them on your phone, you have to encrypt the while phone.
I did not see an answer to one of your original questions, the contacts app included is the aosp contacts app. It is the open source version from Google that is included in android’s source code. I’m sure it is modified some what by lineage.
Another option for synchronising your contacts and calendar is to run nextcloud yourself rather than depend on /e/ servers. Everything is done over https, so should be secure.

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is the Calendar and Contacts data on my phone encrypted ?

Data on the /e/ server is always encrypted.

Who holds the keys, just the user, or scaleway and /e/?

@dotcoma might take your answer as saying only the user has access. Please clarify: Is this what you mean, @Manoj ?

At /e/ we are not interested in peeking into your data and ensure that our hosting providers also do not. If you have evidence or logs to the contrary please share the same.

I’m sure you guys have more interesting things to do than peek into my data.
Or my crappy photos.

But what I ask is: Is there not a way to sync my data directly between my /e/Phone and my computer, instead of using /e/ 's cloud instead of Apple’s or Google’s ?

Configuring your own Nextcloud instance on your computer, and using it during the setup of /e/ like showed with the recent @Manoj screenshot.
Or, don’t use your /e/ account (To prevent /e/ cloud synchronization) and use any similar application setup to synchronize it on your computer. I know you can do it with syncthing for example, but since I don’t know how it works here’s a tutorial video I’ve found

Other alternatives to syncthing can be found here :


I use MyPhoneExplorer ( for that.

It’s a Windows program with an Android client, but it runs on Linux in Wine. It is also free and open source.

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