Not passing SafetyNet

I’m using a OP7pro, rooted with Magisk (included most options like Shamiko, Universal SafetyNet Fix), have LSPosed running, using /e/ recovery. The Magisk app as is, is hidden (camouflaged).

Unfortunately I can only pass Basic Integrity but CTC profile match doesn’t pass. Any suggestions?

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Best to use something like RootBeer (or similar root checker - up to you) and see which properties “leak” your root status (make sure you apply Magisk-hide/Denylist to that app!). Then it will be much easier to troubleshoot and sort out. Mine was failing at Dangerous Props (with just Magisk installed) and I had to use MagiskHide Props Config to spoof signature of my device. After that, no problems with passing SafetyNet or using any apps

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