Not picking up connected bluetooth headset's micrphone

When connecting my new bluetooth headset (LC-B41) it does instantly work with the audio through the headset. However, it does not pick up the microphone. The microphone is immediately picked up on my laptop, so the bluetooth headset works fine.

I can also not find any settings for changing the bluetooth headset. I’ve desperately tried to change a few bluetooth settings in Developer Mode, but to no avail.

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I just reinstalled the Fairphone 3 OS and the problem persists.

How to approach this problem? It can’t be in the hardware, because it does work on my laptop. It just doesn’t seem to be supported by Android. But that’d be strange because then a lot more people would be having this issue.

I have the same problem on my FP3 with Pie-stable-0.14. I have bluetooth headsets from Sony and Mpow and their microphones are not detected, regardless of BT settings.

My wired headset from Fairphone works fine.

I don’t know what I did but it works now.

Hi together, I just found this discussion while searching for a solution for the same issue I have (Bluetooth4.0 Headset, FP3+, 0.17). Can anyone give me a hint or advice?
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I’m having the same issue, already for a while, at least since e.os 0.13. Fairphone tws earbuds (Bluetooth 5.0, FP3+, 0.15-s-stable). I tried disabling HD audio, switching codec in developer options, also other devices. Sound is always picked up by the phone micropone rather than bt headset. Any suggestions welcome!

Still no solution. As a last resort I clean installed 0.15-s-stable. BT Microphone still does not work. I have no ideas how to proceed from here, any suggestions? I’m not sure if/where could I file a bug report.

Search here (issues section):

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Thanks @ff2u! I will report it.

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