Not possible to add users account on my ecloud account


I have on my ecloud a directory and an agenda I want to share with somebody that doesn’t have any ecloud account for now. I want him to be able to add, modify, delete (or whatever need to be done!) the files and event.
I have seen that you can create users on nextcloud but I can’t find this option on my ecloud. Is that normal ?
If it is not possible to create several users on an ecloud account, I think I would need to create another ecloud account just for that directory and agenda, and both of us would be able to acess with the same account. Fine. But then I guess I will have an issue to make this directory and agenda appear on my first ecould account, no ?



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Can be done with a managed nextcloud, but not with

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for calendar events: this is a very common use-case with no easy cross-provider solution that I’m aware of. If the other person wants to add/edit events, they need a provider-scoped account.

My own solution to this:

Each person publishes a (private) subscriber link their own calendar (think “family events”), this is a icalendar / webcal link. As calendar apps can show many side-by-side, date collisions can be seen.

This requires the other person to be able to publish as ics (Google uses “Secret address in iCal format” wording). Most email providers with cal functions can do this, ecloud / nextcloud too.

For the files: you can create a nextcloud share folder that persons with no account can upload data to (“Allow upload and editing” → optionally password protect)