Not receiving Telegram notifications since last update

Hello community,

Ever since the last OS update I have stopped receiving notifications for messages or calls in Telegram. I only see whether someone has tried to call or message me when I access the app. Is anyone else having similar issues?

Many thanks,
Francesco :pray:t3:

Have you also updated telegram ? On my phone I get no notifications since last Telegram update :frowning:

I can’t quite remember when I last updated Telegram but it does seem to be the latest version.

Check battery settings and make sure telegram is set to ‘Not optimized’. Also android ‘doze’ sleeps notifications if the phone has been sitting idle for some time.

The battery setting is not optimised, but the issue persists.

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Maybe it was the latest update to Telegram FOSS as I just checked and it re-optimized itself and now I also don’t get push notifications when last week it was working perfectly, very strange…

rolled back to the previous version, notifications working again

Same here :+1:t4::+1::+1:t4:;…’

Did you roll back to 5.13.0? I just did. Waiting to receive a message! Fingers crossed

I’m back to 5.11.0 …

This looks like a telegram issue. Now have to find an old telegram version and flash. Telegram not being a part of the /e/OS is good :slight_smile: in this case otherwise as a system app it would not have been possible to upgrade or downgrade and individual app.

Ok it looks I spoke or wrote too soon!!!
Now suddenly telegram on my phone is showing notifications. ver 5.13.1(1829)

Downgrading with f-droid is very easy.
On bottom of screen is ‘Versions’
Push it and it will show all available version.
Push an older one and the download/install will start.

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Rolled back to Telegram-FOSS v5.11.0 from F-droid.

Thanks @harvey186 for pointing out this nice feature in FDroid.