Not Receiving Text Messages

Running the latest version. I receive text messages but when it comes to verifying my Amazon account or receiving a text from the local pharmacy for a prescription I am not receiving those. What could be the cause of that and a remedy. I need to receive those texts.

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Did you receive those text messages from specific sources whilst being on the previous version of e? (did it work before but does not anymore after update?)
Do you receive these messages with the same SIM but in a different phone?

Hello obacht
I am new to /e/ for a couple of months so I have not used a previous version. I immediately installed the latest version which is 1.6 when the phone arrived that day.

Yes I did receive those messages with the same SIM but in a different phone.

Hm, I have no quick idea what to check, sorry. I guess you already tried to restart the phone?

It would be helpful to give more information on your phone, also for others that might or might not help.
A simple and comprehensive way to do this is described here: [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc