Note 3 LTE - working perfectly, well done /e/

I spotted the /e/ site a while back and after reading through it, thought I would like to know more. I bought an old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE so that I could explore this non-G world.
As a TOTAL novice, I followed the advice and directions on the forums and with direct support from some of the /e/ community, I now have a fully working phone, running the /e/ OS.
I am very happy with my experience and use the phone every day and will now donate to the cause.

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Without the elementary function with Air Command and S-Pen it is a normal /e/ phone. Nevertheless I like it.

I don’t really need the Air Command or S-Pen, so it doesn’t matter to me if they work or not. The pen itself still functions as a basic stylus, which is fine by me. For my needs, the phone is working well.

An ASOP based on ANDROID 10 works well and makes it clear what else is in the good old N9005. But - unfortunately it isn’t an /e/ OS.

Congratulations on installing e on the Note 3!

I think those old Note devices are still pretty good hardware. At least I really liked mine back in the days. I wonder how you decided to get a Note 3 instead of the Note 4, which is well known for great pictures. Samsung stopped having a stylus but sometimes I think it was a bad decision.

I chose it purely becausei it was one of the few phones that my local computer repair shop had for sale, that was on the list of supported devices. It was to be a ‘second’ phone, bought just so that I could attempt this project.
Now that I have it, I am pleased with it and now that I am ggl-free, it has become my main phone.

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