NoTeamWin on Install Galaxy S8

I was using the easy installer to install e os on a samsung galaxy s8 (sm-950f)
Install is stuck at the the point where you have to get to recovery mode and get teamwin window to come up.

Reading other forum posts I can see my phone must have rebooted into the original samsung software because I didn’t press “volume up”+ “Bixby” + “Power” quickly enough. I’m also assuming from the other posts that because I did press buttons fast enough TWRP has been automatically removed by phone on reboot

My problem is now that when I reboot phone is just stays on the very first screen “Samsung Galaxy S8 - Powered by Android”

  1. It won’t reboot into the old OS
  2. Only other screen I can get is by pressing “Vol Down” + “Bixby” + “Power” which only gets me to the download screen

So I am absolutely stuck, can anybody help?

Thanks for the reply, but the problem I have is I can only get phone to boot into download mode or reboot into the first screen stuck loop.

I’m on windows so of installing using this how to

when get to the open odin stage , phone won’t connect (even though samsung drivers are installed)

I have read about this,
go to the windows device manager, and change
SAMSUNG Android Phone > Samsung Android ADB Interface
to another in the list matching your model

Other things,
you have to unplug your device, to reboot it in download mode, and then plug it to the PC, each time you want to do a flash.
There is a missing step in this excelent HowTo, after format /data, yes, as it is written on the device screen, you have to go back to main menu, to choose reboot to recovery, before others WIPE and install the /e/.zip
If not, you may see a error message.

piero…many many thanks for your help that at least got me a lot further.

But now I have another problem. I have installed eos but when it starts it says

“Decryption unsuccessful
The password you entered is correct,but unfortunately your data is corrupt
To resume using your phone you need to perform a factory reset. When you set up your phone after the reset, you’ll have an opportunity to restore any data that was backed up to your google account”

Underneath is a RESET PHONE button. But if you press reset it just loops around to the same message?

Any ideas???

Obviously I don’t want anything that was previously on the phone just a clean version of e /os

Try this

Do a factory reset from the settings menu
or from the TWRP recovery wipe feature, factory reset fonction. Then reboot system.

Or using TWRP install feature,
install latest twrp-3.5.x-x-dreamlte.img,
go back to the main menu, then reboot to recovery,
and then reboot to system

It also could be du to the lack of flashing new vendors file

Hi piero, once again thank you I finally have eos on my phone!
I got it to work by installing the DEV file instead of the STABLE file
As I am mostly a idiot at this, could I ask is running the dev install as safe as running the stable install?

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Happy it work for you,
one more user for the /e/xperience !



@Davide07 try to look here for your problem.