Notes app for regular android compatible with /e/cloud?

I’m quite pleased with the notes app and would like to access my notes from the /e/ cloud on a huawei tablet with regular android 8. Any ideas which app I can install to do so? I thought the stock app “Notes” is based on an open source app I would be able to find on f-droid, but don’t seem to be able to find it…
Thanks for your help!

The notes app is Nextcloud notes and you can sync it with nextcloud client via

The tasks app in eOS is openTask.

All are found in f-droid

Carnet (Powerful note taking app with sync and online editor) -

Thank you both very much! Very helpful.

How do I restore notes of carnet when switching phone? This is unclear to me

The expected behavior is that it is synced automatically via nextcloud after setup of the existing account on the new phone. I haven’t tried that but it should work.