Notes app on linux

which app to use on linux that is syncable with nextcloud/murena cloud notes?
(possibly GTK/GNOME)
up to debian 11 (GNOME) I used Notes (Bijiben but with the update to debian 12 it doesn’t sync anymore to nextcloud (also the app hasn’t been updated for a long time time).
what do you use? what do you recommend?

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I use QOwnNotes on my Macs and and my Linux Mint machines. Installation instructions for most platforms at

I found Iotas and it works fine with GNOME


Joplin is a great note app readily available on linux with the possibility of synchronization with Nextcloud

I also use Iotas. It’s simply and it works great.

I know Joplin but I understand that it doesn’t integrate with the nextcloud ‘notes’ app but that you only use nextcloud to sync notes to other Joplin apps installed on other devices. Correct me if I’m wrong

I thought about looking for a Notes-compatible client but then thought that since they are just text files I can use pretty much any text editor / viewer for the notes. Any edits or new notes created will immediately sync. Assuming Nextcloud client is installed of course.

I forgot about QOwnNotes. I think I tried that one in the past. Will take another look.

Another neat feature is their QOwnNotes web companion browser plugin which provide web clipping and bookmarks management from CHromium or Firefox-based browsers. I use the web clipping regularly


Trying out QOwnNotes on Void Linux. Wow, it has quite the number of configuration options. Really nice.
The preview pane contents are not to my liking. They are “unformatted” if you will. So the edit pane actually looks better. :slight_smile:

Example. Edit pane will have…
Bold line

But the preview pane has…
Bold line Line1 Line2 Line3

It’s as if it doesn’t honor single newlines.
Haven’t found any settings dealing with that. The UNIX newline character setting seems unrelated.
An issue related to that exists on their Git. The dev says “That’s how Markdown works and is intentional.”
:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I guess the other Markdown notes and editors I use are non-standard. :upside_down_face:
There are different implementations after all.
For QOwnNotes to display as intended one has to add two spaces at the end of each line. Then everything looks good.

:slight_smile: I hadn’t spotted the ‘two spaces’ trick. I’m used to text with a single line break being flowed together, so when I want a line break I add a second line break. I’ve bee using QOwnNotes for a long time now, and I guess I’m used to most of its quirks by now.

If you search for ‘Markdown’, there are two ‘built-in’ notes, entitled Markdown Cheatsheet and Markdown Showcase, which I found very useful the first couple of years :slight_smile:

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Markdown doen’t honour single newlines, it’s by design. It allows you to keep a readable 80 column width in your text file when editing, and when rendered it is converted to a dynamic page width.

Markdown was designed so people could write in a console text editor and render to html.

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