Notes app sync issues since v1.14 update

Hello to All

I use /e/OS for more than 2 years now on a Samsung Galaxy S7. 1 month ago I updated from v1.13 to v1.14.

Since then, my notes in the Notes app do not sync anymore. The Notes app has been syncing natively since I use /e/. For other kinds of data, I use the Nextcloud app.

Now, new notes or modified ones get and keep a circled arrow - symbol that the app tries to sync without any success.

I’d be very happy to read insights from the community. Thanks to all who will take time to read.


there’s no issue filed against the bug tracker that would fit your description yet -[]=%2Fe%2FOS%20Notes

Can you check if the Notes sync type is enabled in the phones murena account sync settings?

Thanks for your message @tcecyk.

Actually the description of this bug looks similar to my problem.

I sometimes get a “Synchronisation Failure” popup message (see following picture) but when I try to tap “Plus”, it just disappears.

Yes, Notes app > Parameters > Sync is enabled.

But, in (System) Parameters > Accounts > [my_id /] > Account Synchronisation:

  • I discover that different apps/functions have not been syncing for as long as the Notes app (Agenda, Images & Videos, Mail, Apps parameters, Tasks). I believe it matches with the v1.14 upgrade.
  • Tapping on “Sync now” on the Notes app does not change anything.

did you setup 2-factor-auth at any time? last I checked this could break sync

If not, I’d re-setup the murena account on the device. Make sure all the data is on the remote, then delete the account on the device and add again.

The solution : (System) Parameters > Accounts > [id /] > My Account > Parameters … and then there was a warning saying the system sync was deactivated :man_shrugging:t2:

I re-activated it, reboot the phone, and then Notes app synced :partying_face:

Thanks for the guidance @tcecyk (no I did not setup 2-factor-auth, I guess the last upgrade deactivated the global sync for some reason).

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