Notes do not sync from MacOS to the Cloud

Ladies and Gentlemen:

My Notes from macOS do NOT sync to the cloud.
Although all settings on macOS are prima vista fine with me.
All other services DO sync. Like email calendar tasks etc…
Is there something obvious I do not see?
Thank you very much!
Kind regards
Dieter Zakel

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Hi @dieterzakel,

Dev of Nextcloud Notes app recommends this :

On my Mac I have

  1. NextCloud desktop client for MacOS - handles the sync with the cloud
  2. QOwnNotes notes app creating, reading, editing notes on the Mac

Syncing works fine in both directions for me

I am using nextcloud because I have an OS /e/ and this OS is using next cloud
Is the login to next cloud apps you recommend the same as to the /e/ services?
I really just need it once to sync ma macOS notes once with the /e/ cloud

Thank you very much!

I am using nextcloud because I have an OS /e/ and this OS is using next cloud
Is the login to next cloud apps you recommend the same as to the /e/ services?
I really just need it once to sync ma macOS notes once with the /e/ cloud.
I just want to sync once.

The /e/ account allows for syncing of email and notes but notes, although configured on the mac, don’t sync…
So there’s that…

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Yes it’s the same login. The NextCloud client handles the synching. Which app do you use for creating notes on the Mac?

I use the built in notes app.
And these notes I want to sync with my /e/ phone
Thank you very much!

Then life is going to be a little harder: the MacOS Notes app is only really designed to work easily with iCloud accounts, so you will need to either

  1. export your notes from Mac Notes, then import them into a desktop client or
  2. Copy and paste, note by note, from Mac Notes to your client (or directly to the /e/cloud Notes web app)

The first problem is that the only ‘export’ functionality in Mac Notes exports individual notes to .pdf files. To ‘bulk export’ you will need yet another app on your desktop: this page mentions two possibilities Exporter and Note2Text. StackExchange suggests Notes Exporter. I haven’t used any of these apps, but have a read about them and give them a try. (I looked, but I couldn’t find any FOSS apps - which I would prefer - that offer the same functionality).

Having exported your notes to either plain text (.txt) or markdown (.md) files, the next step is to import them into a Notes Client that works with NextCloud, such as QOwnNotes, mentioned above, or NextCloud Notes Client which seems to work without having the NextCloud desktop app.

In QOwnNotes, choose Note | Import | Import notes from text files.
In NextCloud Notes Client, it’s Note | Import

Good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve had a bit of a play with some of these apps.

  • Next Cloud Notes Client only allows you to import one text file at a time :frowning:
  • QOwnNotes does allow importing multiple files
  • Notes Exporter seems to export something like HTML rather than plain text :frowning:

I’m not going to pay Apple’s App store for the others - you’re on your own there :wink:

Thank you very much!
These exporters have encoding issues.
And when I export and import then I have 2 different sets of notes and not one set which is synchronized across devices
On my MacBook I have my notes in the /e/ account (system settings account - dann email account and then it allows you to tick email and notes)
But these notes which are in my /e/ account on my MacBook Pro dont synchronize with the web version…

If I convert the notes to text with apps I get encoding issues attachment issues (photos won’t be exporters and/or synchronized) and when exported from macOS and imported into /e/ I then dont synchronize too…

I didn’t know that - thank you. Sorry I can’t be more help with your problem

Thank you very much!
So is this a general problem or bug of /e/ notes then?

AFAIK, /e/ Cloud is using the standard Notes app.
So it’s more likely a Nextcloud client problem (or version mismatch ?).

On my iPhone I have my notes in the /e/ account and these notes do NOT sync to my /e/ mobile and the cloud.
I don’t know how to isolate the problem…

Did you try the CloudNotes app mentioned earlier ?

Yes. But this does not solve the problem that macOS notes do NOT sync with /e/ although everything else (mail, calendar, tasks, etc. does)
Its an isolated problem from macOS to /e/. When I create notes on my e mobile it syncs (lazy and slowly) but not the notes I create on iOS and macOS.
So that’s probably a interface problem.
What do you think?

Unfortunately (or not ? :wink: ) I don’t own any Apple product …
I don’t know if they will accept the request, but you can ask /e/ support ( to look at servers logs for your /e/ Cloud user.

O.K. Thank you very much!

what version of macOS / Apple Notes do you use?

I’ve encountered similar problems when upgrading from macOS 10.13 to 10.15. macOS’s Notes stopped syncing…

iOS and macOS store the notes from their Notes Apps in a dedicated folder within the Inbox folder of the e-mail adress you use to configure it.

Nextcloud does not sync the Notes there, but within a standard folder. It didn’t bother me, since i never use the Nextcloud editor.
Now I’m starting to think to migrate away from Apple’s Apps…

Did you find a workaround?