Notes on Fairphone 2 requires account to open

The Notes app on my Fairphone 2 requires either an /e/account or other account to open up.

Is that the standard behaviour for this app or am I just not figuring out how to open the app without an account?

Help is much appreciated.

The notes app updates /syncs the notes made on to the e drive and as such it would require an account. NextCloud notes from which this app is forked also requires an account to work. Have never used the /e/ phone without an account so not sure if this is the default behavior. I guess the notes app would require a location to be stored and as backup else there is a possibility of it being lost during updates.
@Markus @harvey186 have you used the notes app without an account?

the nextcloud notes app works only with an nextcloud / account, the account is needed for sync. The nextcloud notes app works not as a stand alone note app

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If you want to use the notes-app without a permanent Nextcloud server, the following would be viable:
Setup a temporary Nextcloud server and enter the connection-details in your notes-app. After that shutdown the server.

Now you can use the notes app for note taking, but you will get synchronization error messages.

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Thank you guys for the fast response with explanation and advise!