Notes: syncronisation very slow / unreliable

I have been using the murena/ /e/ os notes stock app for several years now on different phones. Very happily so for a long time. Now for a couple of months already I am noticing that syncing the notes has gotten very slow. (animation showing sync progress stays on for minutes, occasionally also showing error message). This is a problem for me, because if I open/edit a note before it’s synced I might run into problems (I edit notes from various pc’s and from the phone, so syncing is essential to me).

I suspect this problem has come in with one of the system updates. I wonder if I should migrate to the official nextcloud-notes app (instead of the fork by murena os).
Has anyone seen similar problems and found a solution to this?

p.s. e-os version 1.12.3, notes version 3.7.1, fairphone 3

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I have the same problem, and it’s been here for a long time.
But may be it’s related to the same general sync slowness and frequent sync errors of another app : the (official) NextCloud client app … ?
I mean : it could be that the apps are not the problem, but the Murena cloud ?
Only assumptions, no proof though …

I havent had slow syncing but sometimes the syncing just stops working. In those cases I delete the nexcloud app token in my nextcloud account and re-login the nextcloud account. Then the notes app can sync again.

My slow-syncing has turned into no-syncing at all. If I change a note or create a new one, it will show two arrows in a circle to indicate the demand of syncing but nothing happens.

@Baggypants : your solution sounds interesting. Is this token-deletion possible also on the murena account? (I have tried to find it, but no success).

I noticed that somehow on my account settings for the murena cloud (murena os, system settings, accounts) the radio button for note-syncing was turned off. :confounded:

Very odd. I hadn’t been in these settings for ages. Maybe my phone did it on it’s own when I had it in a pocket???
Anyways, make sure you check that setting in the user account if you run into problems.

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I stopped using the preinstalled Notes app precisely because of this syncronisation very slow / unreliable. Today I’m paying for Notesnook that claims to give me privacy, open-source markdown import-export, servers in Germany, user account for using it accross devices

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