Notification dot w/number of unread messages

Hello /e/OS community,

Someone I know has started using /e/OS now, and while they are generally happy with the OS, they really lack the number of unread messages of an app in its “notification dot” function. So for the inbuilt email app, there didn’t even seem to be a possibility to alter notification settings (they were all on, but all except the “notification dot” were greyed out and not changeable), but at the same time, there was no notification dot shown on the email app symbol, nor did it show the number of unread messages. This is quite an important feature for this person, so would there be a way to add this number to the app icon? The same goes also for messenger apps like Signal, Telegram and so on…

Thanks & best regards!

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Hi norman, you should be able to enable dots in Settings > Apps and notifications ↓ Advanced > Special app access > Notification access > select Bliss launcher and allow notifications.

In Android OSes this is a feature of the launcher (the App providing the home screen).
If the current launcher in use doesn’t display numbers in the notification dots, users can research and install alternative launchers which do.