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this is my first post in this forum, nice to be using ungoogled software.

I’d like for the notification-LED on my Fairphone 3 to be customizable.
For example it should blink blue when I recieve a message from Signal or white when a SMS arrives. It should even blink blue and white in change, when both arrive.

Signal already implements a LED-color setting, but the standard SMS app in /e/ not.
I know of apps in the playstore which customize this, but is there an open-source way?

I really like the notification-LED and I would like for it to behave as I choose.
Any hint is therefor much appreciated.

Many greetings

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since v0.15-q-dev you can control the LED light.

However it seems not to be working with the default mail app. The LED is default red where it used to be blue before the update to v0.15, changing the color in the app’s notification settings does not change the LED color… And the default mail app is not available in the general notification settings, Messages is though.
Although the LED is configured for fast white blinking when a call is missed it blinks slowly in blue.

So the settings are there, you can configure them, but it looks like it is not fully working as it should

There have been several issues about that problem which seems to be much bigger then expected, mine has been one of the latest (see also the comments). None of them seems to be solved properly until now. So I’m not sure what will work in 0.15. My LED (on 0.14) blinks typically blue, except when charging.

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