Notifications delayed with two different apps

Hi there!

I have recently installed e/OS on my FP4, and I notice a weird thing with the notifications. Most often they work well, but a couple of times now I got notified for something that ended a couple of hours previously. The native agenda app sent me a notification several days after an event (I think I got the actual notification 15 min before the event as expected, and a second one several days later). And last night, my parking app sent me the notification that my parking was ending at 3 a.m. even though the parking ended at 5 p.m. the day before… Once again, I think I got the notification at the right time, but I am unsure.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?
I am using e/os 1.16 on FP4 with Lawnchair launcher.


Im on a fairphone 4 and have been finding my calendar app notifications have been buzzing 12-48 hours after the event, even if they alerted me properly before the event as well.

Upgraded to 1.17 a couple of days ago, I haven’t had the problem for now, but it was not that often to begin with, so let’s see. Fingers crossed that the update solved the issue.