Notifications not received in proton mail app

I have downloaded proton mail app via yalp store. I don’t receive new mail notifications. I have to open the app to see and read the new mails received. I also noticed that proton mail is not a list in microG registered to use GCM services. See attached screenshot. I wonder if that could be the cause. Please assist.

@Julien I need some assistance. Can you ask someone to look in to this and respond. This is the account that I use for Bank accounts so getting instant notification is really super critical for me. I am sorry I had to kind of pull you in as I couldn’t see any other alternative working for me.:smile:

No worries @Dravidian. Maybe @Manoj can answer?

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@Dravidian let me pass on the details to the development team to see if there is any issue with Proton mail notifications and GCM. Will update you once i get their inputs.

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@Dravidian I checked with Proton Mail support and this was their response …

Thank you for contacting the ProtonMail support center.
The only way we distribute our Android application to the users is through the Google Play Store, or through Crashlytics.
The proper and standard way of installing our app is through the Google Play store.
However, if you want to avoid it, we can send you an invite to our discontinued beta app that can be installed through the Crashlytics app. This version may not be updated regularly, but it will still work. If you are interested, let us know so we can send the invitation.
Also, please note that at this time, we utilize Google Play services to implement the push notifications. We will try to find other ways to support push notifications in the future…

They are effectively saying that at present Proton Mail push notification to work effectively require Google Play services. This could be why you are not receiving the notifications. You could try forwarding your mails to e email client.

Thanks @Manoj .Appreciate your help.
One question though: Won’t MicroG implementation redundant the need to have play store?

Also @Dravidian our team mentions that Proton Mail should work with MicroG irrespective of the comment from their support team. As you correctly mention MicroG implementation makes Google Play redundant.
Please can you let us know the /e/ version you are using (Settings > Device info >System version)
Also if possible, share some logs
Also please can you check if the notification settings is enabled in the Proton mail app

The version is 0.1-201810241661.
Notifications are enabled for protonmail and battery optimization is also disabled.

Thanks. Shared with the dev team to investigate. Will update once i get a response from the team.


I’m a beta tester for proton and I’m using a beta of protonmail. with.this version i’m getting push notifications. So wait a little time and you will get the new official version too.

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Thanks for the update

Thanks @harvey186 for your update, I’ve just installed /e/ on my phone and I have this notification problem. Did you installed Protonmail via Google Play ? If not, the notifications are still working fine today ? (it’s been some time since your last answer on this topic)

I never install a app via GP :wink: I’m a beta tester for Protonmail / VPN and I get the apps on a special way.

I have removed all MicroG from my phone and no I’m also getting no push notifications from proton. But with installed MicroG it should work.

Yep, MicroG installed and apparently functionnal but no push notifications. I’ll wait, or I’ll stay with this I don’t really mind.

Though can I ask you, why did you remove MicroG ? I’m trying (and beginning to) to avoid all GAFAM stuff, I thought it was safe for privacy.

I’m not sure if MicroG is really complete"google free". So I want try to go without it. And all my apps I’m using are working. OK, proton without push notifications and some apps are “telling” they need google play. But they are working without.
For me, no MicroG is needed.

Yes MicroG isn’t completely Google free. Sadly I don’t know what data it filters or not, and what google knows. So if you can deal without, it’s better.


Thanks to both of you. I have some difficulties to root my phone (in order to remove some apps like Telegram or MicroG). I’ll try again then.

there is no need for rooting. you can disable them without root.

When I try too I can’t (Xiaomi Rednote 5). Sometimes the Yalp Store can’t install an app because it’s split and need a rooting device. So I use F-Droid.
Anyway, it’s not really the topic and if needed I’ll create one haha, thanks for your help though. :slight_smile:

That’s a know issue and there is a threat for in this forum and an issue is made on the issue site.
Using f-droid is always the best solution :wink:

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