Notifications (when phone is locked or from drop-down menu) don't follow Dark Mode Style

When changing Settings > Display > Advanced > Style > Dark, all the notifications remain white background which creates some discrepancies on UI.

Would be nice to have notifications with dark background as well (when phone is locked as well)

I confirm that notifications are still white on Oreo.
You can request the feature here by creating a new issue :

But it probably won’t be a priority… I can’t tell.

thanks. already opened an issue but I didn’t know if I would better ask here or open on gitlab
issue #592

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Hi @belette creating a topic on the forum gets you some comments and different view point from users on the same topic. After discussing on the forum when you raise it on Gitlab it becomes an issue to be resolved / added to the OS. The only point the development team would consider on Gitlab is

  • if the issue raised can be developed if yes then when to schedule it - this is based on criticality
  • if it cannot be developed for what ever reason then we inform the user and close the issue.

Perfect make sense, so I did it on the other way but finally I would need to open it anyway on Gitlab! Good to know the the other cases

I have updated the ticket with 0.14