Now that Weather has gone... how to remove Weather Widget?

With 0.16 system upgrade, Weather app has gone, but its Widget is still there. Is there any way to remove it?

Which launcher are you using?

Following today’s OTA update to /e/0.16 I have semi-greyed out weather widget, non-working, on Bliss launcher.

I use Bliss launcher too.
But for me, having updated version through System Updates on Settings, I have the widget still there

it’s the same for me, widget still there through System Updates. (on oneplus3 and beryllium)
Please let us remove this widget that never worked well with my location…


Yeah I got the same on FP3 :slight_smile:

Same on my S9+. Widget still here

You can try my my modified version of Bliss if you dont have patience :slight_smile: Don’t know if it works on Q

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I noticed that newer versions of KISS launcher work with E these days. Finally. Of course, this removes the weather widget.

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I’m trying it out on R at the moment. So far so good! :grinning: