NZeTA App doesn't take photo automatically

Hi so I’m trying to use the NZeTA app on my Fairphone 3 with eOS v0.23-20220412177701. It will make the scan of the passport, but when it comes to taking my picture it just doesn’t work. The screen shows my front camera and it says ‘The photo will be taken automatically’ except that nothing happens. Now I’m pretty sure I fulfill all requirements for the picture, I have tried different lightings, backgrounds, resolutions etc…
So I’m wondering if anybody has tried this before and knows it to work? I’m just not sure if I still need to change something about how i take my picture or if there is a problem with the app at this point.

Thanks for any Feedback!

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I think you should first try installing the latest version of /e/OS, current version is 1.7.

i am actually reading up on that right now and that actually seems like a more complicated task. There is no automatic update for it so i would have to manually do the entire upgrade with backups and everything. I don’t want to lose all my data right now, since i don’t know if i could get an entirely new setup done with all necessary things before my travel starts