Odin on Windows - has anyone tried to install TWRP and /e/ OS in one step?


Have been reading something about the Odin flashing software. It seems to me that Odin is capable of flashing the bootloader (TWRP) and the /e/ OS in one single click. And even more, such as harder low-level firmware and even user stuff (apps? data?). That intrigues me, as it could make the install process more doable for people with less tech knowledge (and these people tend to be Windows users), and make /e/ being used in a wider field.

So far I thought that it would need only:

  1. Samsung USB drivers
  2. The latest ODIN software
  3. The right TWRP file for your Samsung model (tar? md5?)
  4. The right /e/ OS file for your Samsung model (zip?)
  5. The right button combinations on some device for download mode, recovery mode and reboot

To go deeper:
6) Latest model firmware
7) User stuff

Some things are unclear yet.
Does the latest firmware get updated automaically when using stock Andoid? ‘Firmware’ and ‘OS’ are widely mixed up, but Odin suggests that it is not the same.
Is ADB really needed in the end? Odin suggesting not.

Is there anyone out here who would like to give this a try, together with me, exchanging our experiences right here in this topic? You only need an old Samsung phone that you don’t care if it gets bricked thoroughly :-))
I would have time this weekend or coming week.

Note that it can only be a win-win situation. If we brick a couple of phones, we will get a lot of likes as the community is laughing, and if we succeed we go into some hall of fame.

Now I am curious for reactions.

So I went on alone. The result so far is found here: