Odysse app is here. Anyone working on it?

Hey !
The odysse app is here. Any news of when it’ll be available for us ? Anyone ?
Cheers good day !

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What do you mean by “working on it”? And yes it’s available for us and everyone else. Available from the Play Store, thus Aurora Store.
Aurora says it has 4 trackers but in reality it has 10.
Odysee is still missing a few features with regard to picture-in-picture and background playback of streams.

I guess for “us”, the LBRY app from F-Droid is still the best bet. Odysee via a browser too I guess.
Hopefully we’ll see a deGoogled version on F-Droid in the future.

“Working on it” means making it available on apps and not on aurora.
“Us” mean the e foundation community. See its written in the url adress the “community” means we are allowed to be friendly with each other.

You can download the friendly app on your personal software, you’ll find it in your internal hardrive. It will help you understand.

Thanks for the reply.