OEM unlock after install E /OS/

I build E/OS/ for my Samsung Galaxy note 8(greatlte),I build it from source code using v1-t branch, and everything was working perfectly till I rebooted, and after the reboot, I am oem locked, so I installed stock firmware, and disable oem lock, and installed twrp and then reflashed e os, this time I looked for oem unlock in developer mode, when I searched from setting it said that option is there, but in developer mode that option wasnt there, and after rebooted I got oem locked again

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That branch is still in development and undergoing testing by /e/ developers. I wouldn’t expect a build from that branch to work yet, at least until /e/ have made and released the first official v1-t release

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I just fixed that by adding

OEM Unlock

to system.prop

for myself that work great, but if I want to share a room to other to use as an unofficial build, a user at first boot has to enable developer mode and enable oem unlock, this option wasn’t there before adding prop, how to make it enabled by default so I can share it so other can use it, if you search here you see people do ask for note 8 (greatlte) build, unless I fix that I won’t share


this exist but do nothing

androidboot.flash.locked = 0

this could fix the issue but I need a brave soldier to test it, my system working perfectly I don’t have time to reinstall it again from zero(it’s my daily driver phone), but if any wants me to share it, this is, in theory, should fix OEM unlock all essential is working so far nothing as yet is broken

Tested Working

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