OEM unlock is greyed out on Motorola Edge 30

I can’t enable “OEM Unlocking” on my Motoroal Edge 30 because the switch in the developer options is disabled with following message “Connect to the internet or contact your carrier”

Meanwhile, the motoroal bootloader unlock website accepts my device id and sends me the unlock code.
But using it with the `fastboot oem unlock’ command fails.

$ fastboot oem unlock xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(bootloader) Check 'OEM unlocking' in Android Settings > Developer
(bootloader) Options
FAILED (remote: '')
fastboot: error: Command failed

At this point I don’t know what to do.

I’ve seen somewhere that I could try `fastboot flashing unlock’, but since it’s not in the documentation and I don’t want to brick my device, I’d rather ask here if it’s a thing to try.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Did you ever connect to wifi or cell data

Yes, I’ve connected using 4G and Wifi. Sorry I forget telling this. I’ve also rebooted many times.

It could be that the device is carrier locked. Did you buy it used and can you confirm from the seller that it was not a carrier locked device?

I think this is telling you that you need an active internet connection for some extended time to get OEM unlocking to be enabled. Did you first resolve the greyed out OEM unlocking before trying to use the unlock code ? Please check this link https://xdaforums.com/t/unlock-bootloader-failes-with-remote-failure.4312013/

You might send the output of

fastboot oem get_unlock_data

(which should precede Moto unlock) if there remains uncertainty.

Regarding Moto unlock the (edited) response is

Check 'OEM unlocking' in Developer Options

I searched the error and found several hits, these two mention also mention a “waiting period”


I have active internet connection on the phone both with Wifi and 4G.
I have gathered the data from fastboot oem get_unlock_data command and used motorola website to have the 20 charaters unlock code. It does not work since I can’t enable “OEM unlocking” switch in developpers options.

Thanks you very much to found theses links, I think I will wait few days to see if motorola agree to allow me to unlock my device. :pray:

Turns out Motorola devices need to be powered on and connected to internet for at least 7 days before the OEM unlocking is enabled in developers settings :frowning:

After few days, I was able to enable “OEM unlocking”.
I havn’t inserted a SIM card into the phone, just connected it to Wifi and let it powered on.

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Same here with Moto G52