Office 365 - how to set up email / contacts / agenda - seem /e/ is blocking something

Hi everyone! I’m totally new here. Set up my OP7pro today and created my Murena account. Basic settings have been done. I managed to import my contacts and calendar (from Google) but…

My OP7pro would soon become my daily driver running /e/ if I can fix the following problem:

in my company we use Office365 accounts. I need both the contacts and agenda to sync, and of course to be able to read my emails. In all my other Android-devices (so far) I’ve used Type App to do so. Unfortunately, when setting up an Office365 account (also in the /e/ stock mail app) I get an error “NO, LOGIN failed”.

Then I downloaded the official Office 365 app and there I am also not able to log-in :frowning:
After entering the emailaddress the screen blinks for a split-split-split second and it seems it can’t connect. As if /e/ is blocking something.

Without this issue being fixed, for me /e/ is over before it started. I hope someone can help!

Yes, /e/ is in fact blocking something, have a look at advanced privacy: Advanced Privacy - know all about it

What might help you specifically with the Emails from Microsoft is to disable some trackers on those apps, see this thread: Microsoft Teams - There was a problem with the network. Try signing in again - continues, maybe this helps you too.

While I personally think advanced privacy is an awesome feature, it can also stop some apps from working as expected. Some finetuning and learning about what it does is necessary.

I’m afraid my description was not totally accurate. I have no intention to actually USE Office365 but I NEED a working email, synchronization of contacts and agenda.

But no matter which app I try (standard email, TypeApp, K-9 or the official Office365 app) I can’t set up the email working since I get only login errors.

Other emailaccounts are usable in TypeApp, standard mail app etc. They are mostly IMAP. Of course, Microsoft is Exchange. Anyone who can help?

I just CAN’T login to my Microsoft account. No matter if I go via Accounts / Setup, or via any emailclient. After entering email and password I get a login error as if my email or password incorrect. Which is not :frowning:

Okay. I’ve switched the Advanced Privacy off totally, rebooted, and then was able to set up the email. After that I’ve turned it back on. I’m still testing but my (work) contacts and agenda and email seems to sync now (using TypeApp).

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No way it’s working on the stock email app. Strange. TypeApp works. I think stock is a K9-fork? Anyone any ideas?

From what I have read, Office 365 uses OAuth. The latest release of K-9 Mail (6.100) now supports OAuth. This thread in the K-9 Forums describes how to set it up

/e/'s Mail app is a fork of K-9, but it wont pick up the OAuth support until /e/ merge the 6.100 version of K-9 into their fork.

K-9 v6.100 is available from F-Droid, and will happily work alongside /e/'s app, so no need to uninstall :slight_smile:

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@petefoth thats good news! However, apparently OAuth with K-9 does not yet work with Microsoft accounts (according to this Github Issue), but hopefully soon it will, which will allow me to uninstall the extra Outlook app :slight_smile:

@Infinity I also tested TypeApp, and to get it to work with my Microsoft Email I need to allow the same tracker as for the MS Outlook app (Mobile Engagement). The native Email app I have is currently at version 5.913 (assuming that the version numbering is the same as in K-9), it probably will take a bit longer until the OAuth functionality arrives there.