Offline reading linux man pages


i am looking for a way to read linux man page content on my smartphone while being offline. For example I want to learn more about the usage of the pqsl command.

What I tried so far without success.

  • searching a dedicated man-page app
  • installing package top in termux and than typing man top

There some reference/cheat sheet apps for example “Git Quick Reference”. However, I would like to tap the man-pages because there so many off them and the average quality is rather high.

Maybe someone has some idea or experience with that.

Never have tried, but here is a download. Could it help ?

Yes, this is a good idea. Those are the build-in only though. But I think I understood how to deal with man-pages file.

So I could copy more from my desktop on my handheld and read from there.

I will try this out.

It’s in Termux’s FAQ pkg install man